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Wellness Counseling Services is a leading source of best family therapy services in New York NY, for adults and children. We provide counseling and therapy to clients of all ages and backgrounds, focusing on issues such as relationship difficulties, mental health problems, parenting challenges, and more. We offer flexible scheduling, timely advice, and a confidential environment to help you and your family heal. Our team of therapists is experienced in providing quality family therapy services in New York NY. If you are looking for help resolving any issues your family may be experiencing, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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Our team of psychologists and family therapists offer specialized treatment options that help address complex issues, such as communication problems, infidelity, and substance abuse. We use an individualized approach to identify the problem’s root cause and develop effective healing strategies. Our goal is to empower families to make long-term constructive changes. We focus on developing positive interactions between family members built on respect, clear communication, and compassion. We strive to offer our clients a safe place where they feel comfortable opening up about their thoughts and feelings while providing information that can increase their understanding of themselves or the others around them.

The Best Counseling From The Best Psychologists

Our psychologists are well-trained to understand your family’s problems and guide you well to find a better solution. They will meet with family members one-on-one, if needed, to best comprehend their needs and feelings on the matter. We offer family therapy services in New York NY, through traditional face-to-face and online therapy sessions for those unable or unwilling to attend physical meetings. Our approach to therapy relies heavily on understanding each individual’s role in the family, often helping them identify any underlying issues at play. With our help, we hope families can return to a more balanced state where everyone feels understood and fulfilled in their roles.

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